crashos procedural generation test in openframeworks

January 2022 – Monthly report !

JANUARY 2022 – Monthly report !

Starting this month here is our montly report ! A sneak peek into our experiments, work, research and questionning !

UI, 3D and OpenFrameworks

With [inextriable] we got the first view of what is possible to do in C++ openFrameworks and that got us thinking about transferring all of our visual and interactivity elements of our live sets into that frameworks.

Starting with openFramworks as an end to display 3d graphics in an efficient yet flexible way isn’t that obvious, if like me you come from more or less PBR integrated solutions with optional raytracing and easy texting and shadow maps OF is a radical change.

Here are our first exeperiments of creating a 3d engine to integrate our work; Using [] as a basis to render shadows, lights, SSAO and some post effects the first results were encouraging.

Still some problems arose quickly. My first test was to load a complex scene as a obj file and using subsets of that obj file to set camera positions and orientation. That went quite well but was quite heavy performance-wise. As loading such large objects with all the lighting calculations put our integrated GPU on its knees.

So we started working on a modular solution for the moment using 4 obj files with subsets.

For example here is a group of 9 objects each being a subset of interior.obj. (each color indicating a different object). On each load, a random element is chosen from the list and displayed.

The same goes with exterior.obj – this time the metrics are a bit different, leaving the interior space free for the objects coming from interior.obj.

That solution offered stability, performance and modularity.
After some work on the display using a preset system – we’ll tell you more about it – you can see the first results here under.

>> next is pushing our communication between foxDot & Openframeworks and making the 3D “arena” interactive and reactive to our live set.

FoxDot Generator

ZBDM did some awesome job on our server generator. Fighting the slight tendencies of our server to sometimes create torture chamber music a new set of rules gave it a fresh feel and new construction blocks. Demo soon !

Cleaning up the code and our attacks

A long session of pizza+code led to a need for a break into our dives of C++ and we went back to some FoxDot to relax and play some old tracks. We quickly realised that most of old tracks were to long, complicated and not really usable live without cluttering the workspace. We took our broomsticks out of our digital closet and starting cleaning, adjusting and tuning our code integrated the 10 lines max rule of code we can use in a live session. Those cleaned and purged of the uneccessary we injected in our “sound attack” database ready for use in live session.

Music video

Following our visualisation of our album “REISUB”, there is some work done on our next video : W32 blaster. – going full on the 90’s, limited colorspace, wireframe, glitch.

NFT craze and us

After some long hesitations we finally jumped on the Tezos wagon and posted some generative work on fxhash and versum. Probably more to come in that direction as there has been some success in that field.