Crash Server ?

>> Crash Server is a livecoding laptop duo, from Strasbourg (France), which improvises and composes its music / visuals live in front of the audience.


>> In Covid19 quarantine for the moment, streaming broadcasts are coming.

>> watch our new Radiohead livecoding cover and our last TOPLAP streaming

Crashserver livecoding at Elastic bar, Strasbourg

The story

>> At the dawn of an era of technological alienation, servers have taken control of almost all human data: identities, ways of thinking, DNA, ...
Humanity seems at the mercy of these impalpable forces but a duo of computer machinists are fighting an endless battle against the central meta-brain.

Their specialty, overheating and abdicating audio servers with:

>> random chaos {improvised code lines} //
>> [powerful] rhythmic beats & (catchy) melodies //

They are known as CRASH SERVER, this is their story...