Crash Server ?

>> Crash Server is a livecoding laptop duo, from Strasbourg (France), which improvises and composes its music / visuals live in front of the audience.

What's new ?

NEW ALBUM ! - Coming soon...
CrashServer OS Endless Festival live coding
Live Streaming Concert - Endless Festival
xxmm Strasbourg 3d
New video - MMXX - An impression about our city lock-down during the Covid pandemic
mmxx hubs 3d strasbourg
Walk in our 3d version of the city of Strasbourg
mozilla hubs crashserver
Dive into our new virtual world

The story

molodoi mimir 10ans livecoding crashserver

>> At the dawn of an era of technological alienation, servers have taken control of almost all human data: identities, ways of thinking, DNA, ...
Humanity seems at the mercy of these impalpable forces but a duo of computer machinists are fighting an endless battle against the central meta-brain.

Their specialty, overheating and abdicating audio servers with:

>> random chaos {improvised code lines} //
>> [powerful] rhythmic beats & (catchy) melodies //

They are known as CRASH SERVER, this is their story...

A short video presentation of our world made by SupraHead Studio.

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