On this page you’ll find our releases. At this point there is one album REISUB [2021]. You’ll find all the details below. There are many other tracks and releases, I invite you to check the videos section of the website for example or our youtube channel.
You can check for example our reinterpretation of the [GTA IV sound track] or [Radiohead happier fitter]  or event a live reintepretation of [Macron’s speech].

REISUB [2021]


The album is entirely composed using “live coding”, a technique that allows for creation and real time edition of a running program.

// Crash Server transforms machine code into music.

“REISUB” wanders into electro, noise, glitch and ambient music and sometimes deep into IDM territories. Crash Server is at the crossroads of many different influences suck as post-punk, rock and classical music. It merges digital and analog, algorithmic and organic, chaotic and structured without any compromises.

The album is live coded, not composed, nor edited. The ideas, the feelings were thought through, the expression, spontaneous. We wanted it to be an accurate description of what live coding is with our own added personal flavour. Adapting, improvising, experimenting.

This album questions our link to the digital world, our evolution as a technological species, asks transhumanism-relation questions and analyses our relationship to data privacy and our addiction to technology.

REISUB narrates Crash Server’s fight against an alienating server.

// In computer language, “REISUB” is a key combination that allows to reset and restart a server or a machine //



Everything starts from an ordinary and peaceful day for CrashServer, as usual they boot up their computers and download kilos of data for their next server attack, when suddenly … 

Music video & dedicate article are available here [https://crashserver.fr/connexion_music_video/]

We randomly generated several hundred voices in different languages, intonations and speeds using a Python program based on an improved Linux Text2Speech.

Connexion suggest the idea of hyper-connectivity. The visuals try to transmit that very idea. The start is a 3d model of earth with classic 2D layers (normal, height maps and so on).

Once that model generated, 3d random objects were created using coordinates from internet  [https://internet-map.net/], bandwidth usage and other layers.

After that it’s essentially a pseudo random generation of visuals using different states of the previously render layers.

The idea is to transmit confusion as a way to communicate the abundance of information of our digital era.



It was a calculated annihilation. An attempt to end a war before it’s beginning.

Multiple coordinated attacks, DDOS type, specificaly targeted the backup power supply of HUBS, the Crash Server’s headquarter.
A raging fire swiftly transformed the maintenance corridors in a furnace, setting the bar ablaze, blocking at the same time access to the virtual reality rooms.
Most of their data was overwritten, destroyed, deleted. It’s in their safety pods, contemplating with dread the removal of their data, that the hope of finding the server with such powers of chaos and destructions emerges.
Suppression tells the story of our HUB being under attack. Technically it’s mostly pre-renderer stuff using cinema 4D.
The following scenes can be scene
– the destruction of the slaap server
– the destruction of Europa server
– a 3d map of our hub
– the destruction of our hub

>> 03. W32.Worm.Blaster

Every bit of Crash Server’s data archives went up to smoke. Without their usual tools they felt powerless and unprepared for their upcoming battle.

While rummaging in the drawer of a real-life desktop they found a burnt CD-R labelled “CRACKS & VIRUSES VOL III – W2000 + XP”. Although not the most appropriate weapon it was an audacious choice. An old proven virus which made history in the early 2000’s : “W32.worm.blaster.” 
Our counter-attack with this leftover virus seems at first to be a success. That was not taking in account it’s self-replication mechanism that corrupted its core. Nevertheless it managed to give us an approximate map of last known suspicious server activities.

The lyrics “I love you San, stop making money and fix my software“, generated using a google AI philippian voice, refers to Blaster virus (2003) which contains these character strings within its code.

The code in the visuals is a direct reference to documented screens of w32.blaster. We wrote an string -> hexa converter, the scrolling text sometimes stops on the text encoded in into the virus.




It’s in a dense and impersonal megacity, made of steel and concrete that Crash Server’s were able to localize one of the server’s embodiment. Above the skyscrapers, a silicon superstructure hovers slowly like a divinity. The population seems enslaved, having lost their free will. Crash Server is going to explore this huge city and fight the server….


Inspired by science fiction but stylized in a anime-like fashion, the visuals rendered first as a 3D scene is then injected into a neural network. We wanted to give it a organic vibe whilst style retaining some it is more technological abomination vibe.

>> 05. Syphon.Identity.Stealer


“I give:
my name, my age, my date of birth, my gender, my picture, my voice, my face,
my weight, my height, my eye color, my fingerprints, my handwriting, my signature, my racial origin,
my profession, my work address,
my password, my browsing history,
my address, my current location, my location history, my shopping history, my daily life activity,
my home phone, my cell phone, my work phone, my email,
my marital status, my spouse name, my parent’s name, my children’s name, my siblings name, my friends name, my dog name,my username,
my current income, my bank account, my credit card number,
my political party affiliation, my opinions,
my nationality, my religion, my sexual orientation, my sexual partners,
my medical card number, my passport information, my social security number, my driver’s license, my medical records, my prescription, my physical and mental disability, my genetic information, my bio-metric identifiers, my retina scan, my voice signature.

Cause I have nothing to hide.”

We used the voice deep learning repository ‘Real Time Voice Cloning’ by CorentinJ [Github] to generate the lyrics.

The visuals are made using face generated from [https://thispersondoesnotexist.com] with an overlay of random placed extract of the lyrics.


[Planet 7BA45] – It is a lime yellow planet with acid towers, volcanic canyons, scalloped mountains, and desert plains. An archipelago of motley floating islands is connected by a system of artificial “pipelines.” [] – connected to a wire with a frame of digital logic integrated into the tubing of the mesh.

[SquareScape] – A squarescape planet, shaped with squares and equilateral triangles.I don’t know how square this was intended to be; I think it may have been meant to be a crude representation of an earthly view of Venus.

[Krafla] – The Krafla volcano planet, dire mountains, floating cities. Creatures on a podium of stones. Every spot has something to discover. Today the dunes reach above the hills. She looks up at the sky and mutters, “That’s a very big hole. And… this big one…”

[Glitch-Odyssey] – A glitch-odyssey, a dump planet of evil powers. The sky is purple and the grass is blue and the big T-rex is turning into a little green dinosaur by the time you get to it, and yet the score that tells that story is unrelentingly raucous. This is a landmark in adventure gaming.

[EmeraldHell] – The green and lush emerald planet with big trees hanging over a canyon of steep cliffs on one side and a narrow river on the other, and steep inclines of boulders strewn everywhere. Not another soul in sight. We went on top of a high ridge and made a quick descent to the road. Then we walked for quite a ways and at the end, there it was …. The cliff caves.They were nothing special as far as caves go, but they were the prettiest I’d seen.




Pure 3D modeling and rendering, exploring sci-fi inspired worlds that we might get to know more further down the road.

>> 07. Polymorph.ATHRAS.IX

Survivability increased in rare oxygen atmospheres.
ATP creation failure. STATUS : FAILED.

Massive tendencies to overreact to advertisement.
Subject went broke during the experiment.

Subject walked for a long distance.
Subject is dead.

Increased capacity to target things with objects.
Subject can’t use 2D surfaces.

Subject reacts to magnets.
Subject reacts to magnets.


This is mainly done using randomized scattering of meshes alongside the polys of 3d human models. The meshes themselves are proceduraly generates with l-system algorythms. The purpose being to show the transformation, wiring of humans and experimenting with an abstract view of transhumanism. It tries to trigger a reflection of ourselves as changed being and the process of accepting those changes.



Oru wlrod h_s cheangd … n0t as ti us3d tobE … Pefrket3d wr0ld at fsirt. Cl0d. emtiomön-less3. A metaver§s cretaed fomr asehs of o(u)r wr0ld by teeht sereevreer 2two fo0l us… A viirtutuatuatua irtual oas2222222is d3snitdd to tcrikk us intototootto feellnigg sfae. we musuust strggugle to k3ep an_two_three_an icintact momery_failure 0ff reliatssy.


Augmentation visuals are made by generating a grid of image, each image being a frame of video sequence, itself being an displaced version of reality using heightmaps for distortion.


>> 09. DDOS.TimeIndex.Dump

tut-tut deified solos.
deleveled kook solos civic xanax tenet peep Radar rotator sees sexes madam boob
EGarage pip-pip put-up murdrum stats

the song is played at the same time normally and backwards.


{ location targeting: Earth / EU / France / Alsace / Strasbourg / 48.584614,7.7507127 }
{ temporality targeting: Century 20 / Year MMXX }
{ human : Not Detected }
{ log : city stopped, pending activity }




>> 11. W95.HardwareNibble.Lapin

[… [Corrupted_data] ……~\REISUB@ [……]÷ס`*….._ ‘#.-11-./+..<^~{ W95_H@rdw@reN1bble_L4pin~}]]@…
[End of file]



(Latin derelictio, -onis, abandonment)
Feeling of abandonment and moral loneliness.


>> 13. MBR.overdrive




[ LOG ] At last, we gathered all our forced to send the server to oblivion. Hopefully we will triumph and annihilate it. Using all the data you send us those last weeks we might have a chance. We will use all our machinery, code, viruses, attacks. Nothing will stop us.

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