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  • march 2022 – a Monthly report !

    march 2022 – a Monthly report !

    MARCH 2022 – Monthly report ! Endl; while :live || << pipe the dream. Crash Panel The idea came while watching the streams of Alog10 where [Neirdap], a french musician using Foxdot modified the interface to show subdivisions of the clock (n/8,n/16,n/32,…) enhancing the available beat counter. First, we tested the modification in Foxdot. It’s…

  • February 2022 – Monthly report !

    February 2022 – Monthly report !

    FEBRUARY 2022 – Monthly report ! The second edition, fruitfull with a glimpse into real world concerts again ! EDIT: You can now find all these code in our GITHUB. [Live] We missed the sweating but the moist is coming back As that annoying pandemic is fading away at least locally in France, perspective of…

  • January 2022 – Monthly report !

    January 2022 – Monthly report !

    JANUARY 2022 – Monthly report ! Starting this month here is our montly report ! A sneak peek into our experiments, work, research and questionning ! UI, 3D and OpenFrameworks With [inextriable] we got the first view of what is possible to do in C++ openFrameworks and that got us thinking about transferring all of…