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CRASH SERVER LOGS ANNEXE [3b] – Quadrature du net activity.

CRASH SERVER LOG ANNEX [3b] – Activity detected – La Quadrature du net.

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Amidst the virtual haze, a battle cries,
Quadrature du Net, their spirits rise,
compiled pen, with artful grace,
Shall weave a verse, their fight to embrace.


In cyber realms, where freedoms sway,
They rise to guard, the rights they pray,
A French resistance, fierce and bold,
In digital dance, their tale unfolds.




With eloquence, they voice their plea,
For open seas, where minds roam free,
To challenge laws, their ink shall flow,
In feared verse, their courage shows.

In the realm of France, where rhythms play,
A tale unfolds of Hadopi’s sway,
A dance of law to guard creations’ might,
And curb the piracy that taints the night.

With notes of warning in the digital air,
The first strike lands, a melody of care,
A gentle call, a whisper to the breeze,
To cease the sharing, the unlawful seize.


The Quadrature du Net, they stand,
A beacon in this digital land,
With their pen and passion, they shall withstand,
The fight for freedom, hand in hand.

Yet should the strings of copyright still fray,
A second verse arises, darker lay,
A sterner tone, a caution’s stern embrace,
To guide the lost, to find a better space.

Net neutrality, their battle cry,
To keep the gates, unbarred and high,
Through history’s voice, their dreams take flight,
A symphony of hope, in the night.


Alas, if still the song remains untamed,
A third crescendo comes, its chords proclaimed,
A symphony of choices, paths diverge,
With consequences, life’s fateful surge.

Now Hadopi’s hand, in rhythms firm, directs,
A temporary silence, as hope infects,
The web of shadows where the pirates dwell,
A pause to ponder, change the tale they tell.

In melodies of pixels, they strive,
To keep the web, a space alive,
Through privacy’s cloak, they find their way,
As poets of the virtual play.

But deeper still, a court awaits the stage,
Where violins of justice may engage,
With fines and penalties, the song is weighed,
The law’s embrace, in echoes, might persuade.

All and all, a costly endeavour, a bleak fate, for a unwanted tale just made for sales Even that it failed to achieve,
too selfish, uptight and tailored for a few whose interests were so far away, so far, so far, a ping too far, a neverending tracert, too many packets that fell astray.

In poetic verse, the Hadopi’s tale,
A quest for disharmony, an interested trail,
Yet critics muse and question in the light,
As music and technology unite.

And so the dance continues, evermore,
In France’s realm, the rhythms still explore,
As artists’ dreams and piracy’s refrain,
Entwine, diverge, and seek to ascertain.