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  • Inextricable – Presentation

    Inextricable – Presentation

    INEXTRICABLE // PRESENTATION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqZ6ZC7LI4c InextricablePresentation of the installation Inextricable (2021) is an art installation Crash Server created in the context of Connexion part of the “festival européen du film fantastique”.It’s aim was to create an interactive dancefloor in the style of 90’s videogame and same are electronic music style. On the first floor of the…

  • Inextricâble : a technical presentation (1)

    Inextricâble : a technical presentation (1)

    INEXTRICÂBLE : technical presentation First presented for the “Festival du film européen Fantastique” in Strasbourg, INEXTRICÂBLE is an interactive installation diving deep into our universe and lore. This article will go even deeper as it will explain how it was made and developped and what meaning we gave it. The installation was part of a…