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  • Monthy Report 2023 / 05

    Monthy Report 2023 / 05

    MONTHLY REPORT JUNE 2023 It has been quite some time since our last monthly report, approximately a year or so. However, we believe it’s important to provide an update considering the significant developments that have occurred since then. So, let’s have a discussion and incorporate our recent discoveries and experiments into this article, embracing our…

  • REISUB – Attention Video

    REISUB – Attention Video

    Europa video sources Europa video sources Hi there, I don’t know if you’ve… Read More Le 7eme Ciel – www.radiocapsule.com @ Live Stream – 18 mar 2019 Le 7ème ciel @ www.radiocapsule.com – Livestream 18 MAR 2019… Read More BITTE ACHT BITS II @ Diamant d’or – Strasbourg (67) – 20 dec 2019 Bitte Acht…

  • SUPPRESSION music video

    SUPPRESSION music video

    REISUB – SUPPRESSION Suppression’s music video is now online ! Our [REISUB] track “Suppression” has now a music video. Set in on our lore of a total destruction of our previous work, this video is the last time you’ll see any of it’s content. We’ve been attacked and this track tells the story of the…

  • TOPLAP 16 Equinox @ Live Stream – 22 mar 2020

    TOPLAP 16 Equinox @ Live Stream – 22 mar 2020

    TOPLAP 16 Equinox @ LiveStream Like last year, we participated in the great TOPLAP worldwide live coding streaming event. During 5 days (18 Mar – 23 Mar) hundreds of musical and visual livecoders used different programming languages, software and hardware to produce unique performances. Watch the 4 days TOPLAP streaming This year was a little…

  • Fitter Happier – Radiohead cover