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Our live concerts are story driven, immersive and danceable live-coding performances.

Our sound is composed live on stage as a duo and has a significant part of improvisation. It is mainly influenced by electronic music, noise, rock and IDM.

The code is projected for all to see thus allowing the public to understand the direct relation between music and code.

It is accompanied by visuals, some created especially for the event, that allows us to explore our favorite themes : our relation to the digital world, our evolution as a technological species, data privacy or our dependencies toward IT. 

 We are active in growing international scene. We narrate a struggle against a computer server (generally the venue, city or a theme based upon where we perform). Our goal is to overload with lines of codes until the final crash.

Our concert are always different. We take pride to adapting our live set to different publics and venues. Tech passionate, we enhance our performances with interactive elements, be it LED strips, DMX controlled lights, 3D cameras, projectors and more.

With more than 50 concerts played in electro clubs, concerts venues, museums, festivals or streamed live in our own 3D created univers.



The workshop is aimed at beginners, musicians or programmers. No skill is required.

The live coding workshops allows you to discover music compositions and computer programmation in a fun way. We use free and open source softwares that the participants can install on their own laptops.

After the workshop, the participants will have the ability to create music and modify it live. We can finish the workshop by a public restitution or a concert, with individual or collective performance.

The workshop can be punctual or spread over several sessions.


We create audiovisual interactive installations. Those are extensions of our universe. The centerpiece is a autonomous audiovisual generating server. The presence and behavior of visitors can influence it’s code. Those installations can connect to different inputs and outputs, be it video-projectors, sensors, microchips, light, cameras or anything else.

We put a lot of effort into bringing total immersion by setting up a detailed and intricate scenery.

The installation is autonomous and can run for long period of time.


Crash Server is a Strasbourg/France based live coding duo made by SVDK & ZBDM.They released their first album in 2021, REISUB.
The performance of Crash Server consists of the duo writing frantically improvised computer code that transforms into music and visuals.
The objective of the show is to defeat an alienating server or be defeated by it.
The server itself can infect their code using generated virus and thus alter sounds and visuals.
Crash Server wanders into the territories of electro, noise, glitch, ambient or IDM music but take great influences from post-punk and rock. They tell a never-ending fight, questioning our relation to our digital world exploring themes such as data privacy and e-dependency. You can find them in their 3D, virtual worlds, on stage, in streaming events or creating interactive installations with generative sound and visuals.

Some live and streaming videos

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Crash Server presentation by SupraHead Studio

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Streaming concert for the Concert streaming for the center for contemporary art – DOX in Pragues

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Concert for the Endless Streaming Festival.

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– Available on streaming Spotify, Deezer, Apple,…


More infos

– Our previous video clips, live-streamings/concerts, various video experiments.
– Inside our album REISUB, visuals and videos for a deeper view into our universe
– The HUBS, presentation and access of our 3d universe.

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Mail – Sébastien ADAM & Sébastien VAN DER KWAST : contact@crashserver.fr


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