About CrashServer

CRASH SERVER is a live coding duo from Strasbourg – France. They use lines of code to transform computer language into music. 

They wander into electro, noise, glitch, ambient music and deep into IDM territories. Crash Server is at the crossroads of many different influences such as post-punk, rock and classical music. It merges digital and analog, algorithmic and organic, chaotic and structured. 

They narrate a fight against an alienating server, question our connection to the digital world, our evolution as a technological species, ask questions about the transhumanism relationship, and analyze our relationship to data privacy and our addiction to technology. 

crashserver livecoding Foxdot

CrashServer is :

  • SVDK : Music/ Visuals /Vjing /SoundDesign [svdk.fr]
  • ZBDM : Music/ Coding/ DIY /Sound [zbdm YT]

Software :
We mainly use [Supercollider] in combination with [FoxDot] and [Troop].
Working and playing live with Linux Ubuntu Studio.

Contact :
You can use this contact form or follow us on social medias.


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